During the non-corn maze season (January through May)

Parties and events can be scheduled at the farm, email for date availability.

The market & cafe are closed in the summer and winter.

During the non-maze season it is a minimum of $300 for a party of 20 or less for a four hour event. Each guest over the minimum 20 will be an extra $10. Included in that price is a covered picnic area with picnic tables, the permanent Tree Maze, Labyrinth, playground, lots of room to run and play. Also the Mist Maze, Super Slide, Jumping Pillow & Zip Line, (caution one of these 4 could be under repair, during non-maze season). Hay Rides are an additional $50 per run. The farm is not open on Sundays, during the non-maze season. Please complete the on-line reservation below, Email rebecca@longandscottfarms.com with questions.

You are welcome to arrive early to decorate and set-up. Please have all guests gather in our "group meet-up area' until you can pass out their wristbands. One person checks in at the "reservations" ticket window to make one payment and collect wristbands. Your group enters together to hear the maze video. After everyone sees the video you are free to do activities in any order you want. 

  • If guests you are paying for do not arrive on time you must have someone meet them up front with wristbands
  • Adult must accompany all youth 16 and under in the corn and tree mazes
  • Please supervise youth on super slide, zip line, jumping pillow and playground
  • Fishing for Kids is $2 extra for all kids
  • Hay Rides are an additional $4 - 3 years & younger are free (if you want to ride as a group let us know before you arrive)​
  • As the contact/host of your party you are responsible for behavior of your guests, let them know the rules
  • If you would like to have one of our food vendors cater your party, we will be glad to arrange that
  • When booking a party we ask that you estimate your number of guests within 5 people and you will be responsible for paying any differences above or below your estimate regardless of the number present

Please complete the on-line reservation below, Email rebecca@longandscottfarms.com with questions.

We have hosted many Groups, Birthday parties and other celebrations at the farm. We provide your group with a covered picnic area with picnic tables. All of the activities will be outside so make sure everyone dresses for the weather and bring plenty of water. Flat, closed-toed shoes are the safest. Please arrive on time and be considerate of other scheduled groups. 
  • ​Group reservations are needed at least 48 hours in advance
  • For group rates there must be guaranteed a minimum of 20 paying guests
  • Payment and arrangements must be made by one patron representing the entire group
  • We do not make reservations for guests who have already purchased discounted tickets

Groups/Parties during our fall corn maze season

During our fall maze season, groups are welcome Tuesdays through Saturdays 10:00 am to 5:00 pm and Sunday 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm. All groups must have reservation. The farm closes at 5:00 pm, please give your group at least 2 hours to do and see all. (Weekends in October have been the busiest)

The "Maze Adventure Park" GROUP DISCOUNT consists of:
$1 off reg. admission price ($12) if there are 20 - 49 paying adult or youth guests in your group ($11/Youth & Adults)

$2 off reg. admission price ($12) if there are 50 + paying adult or youth guests in your group ($10/Youth & Adults)
   In order for your group to qualify for this discount

  • you must have 20 or more paying Guests,
  • you must have Pre-Reserved & paid the deposit upon receipt of our confirmation to hold your date and time
  • you must make a group payment (one transaction) for everyone in your group - This means you collect money upfront from your group and be ready when you check in

    *Discount coupons cannot be used in conjunction with group rates

    *There must be 1 chaperon per 6 children if ages 8 and younger & 1 chaperon per 10 if 9 and older

    *Everyone going into the Maze Adventure Area will be charged admission


Please enter all your information to submit a reservation, below.

Please give us two working days to respond, if you do not hear from us by that time, call the farm office at 352-383-6900. Thank you for your reservation.

Contact Name:
Organization/Group Name:
Type of WEEKEND Group event: Birthday Party
Family & Friends
Church Group
Weekend School Group
If Other, please describe here:
Best Contact Phone:
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Email Address:
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Zip Code:
1st Choice Event Month:
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Arrival Time: Weekend hours - 10 am to close at 5 pm
Estimated total number of people (Minimum 20 paying people to receive group discount):
Estimated Adults (Require at least one adult per 8 kids):
Estimated number of kids UNDER 3:
General AGE of the youth/group:
Does your group have any guests with 'special needs'? IF YES, please explain?
Weekend Hay Rides are $4.00 per person (3 and older). Yes
Maze-O-Vision Glasses @ $1.00 each are for use in the BIG corn maze and are optional. They let you see the encoded map on the back of the Maze Game Sheet. How many would you like to purchase?
Are you interested in Maze Patches @ $2.00 each plus tax? How many would you like?
Use of picnic area: Yes
I understand this is a group event and we all need to arrive at the reservation time. Yes
I understand I will need to send in an $50 non-refundable deposit to hold my reservation. This deposit will be applied to my total invoice. Yes

Groups/Parties for weekends & General Public days