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About Long & Scott Farms

Billy Long and Frank Scott, Jr. were childhood friends from the Eastern Shore of Virginia. Billy, who had been a Zellwood "muck farmer" for years, talked Frank into joining him in Florida in 1963. Frank D. Scott, Jr., along with his wife Becky and their three children, Hank, Marks and Rebecca, moved to Florida to establish Long & Scott Farms on 100 acres of land. For the next 30 plus years Frank expanded Long & Scott Farms to 1,200 acres as they produced Zellwood Sweet Corn, pickling cucumbers and both red & green cabbage, along with a variety of other produce.

Following the sale of the Apopka muck farms in 1998, Billy Long moved on to retirement, while Frank Scott semi-retired. He still oversees operations at the farm each day, while his son Hank now manages the farm. Frank's daughter, Rebecca Scott Ryan manages Scott's Maze Adventures and his youngest son Marks, who also once worked at the farm, manages his own nursery, PlowBoys Horticulture, along with his wife, Mary. Hank's children, Sonny and Haley represent the 4th generation of the Scott family's farming tradition and they remain proud of their history and land which they have overseen for close to 50 years.

Scott's Zellwood Sweet Corn Jamboree
May 17th & 18th

Company History

1963 -
Frank D. Scott, Jr. and his family moved to Florida to establish Long & Scott Farms
1998 -
Billy Long retires, Frank D. Scott, Jr. semi-retires, leaving the day-to-day operations to his son, Hank.
2003 -
First Corn Maze and enlarged market and added store.
2013 -
Long & Scott celebrates 50 years in business

Company Leadership

Frank D. Scott, Jr. Owner