Parents/Teachers are responsible for your children’s behavior

We have a strict NO-DROP OFF policy! ALL children 16 and under must be accompanied by an adult in the corn mazes. We can not be responsible for unsupervised children. Adults need to plan on doing the corn maze along with their children.


General Rules

Smoking is not permitted in or near the Maze, Please use the few designated smoking areas

​​​No pets allowed other than service animals due to food safety and health department regulations

​Stay on the paths; do not cut through the rows of corn, this will keep you safe as well as our corn 

​Do not pull on or break tape, it took us a long time to put it up

Do not pick, eat, throw or otherwise destroy the corn

No running, you do not know what is lurking around the corner

Kids must stay with an adult while in corn mazes

The ground is rough and uneven watch where you walk, we are not responsible for personal injury 

All visitors must stay within any designated roped-off areas 

No bare feet, wear open-toe shoes due to uneven terrain, rocks, etc 

​No alcohol, drugs, or persons "under the influence"

No profanity or inappropriate behavior

Do not litter, use the trash cans provided​​

Everyone must exit the Corn Maze by 5:00 p.m

All unaccompanied children will be walked out of the maze to wait for their adults at the entrance

Long & Scott Farms is not liable for any personal injury or property loss

Any persons involved in vandalism, including the throwing of corn and damage to corn stalks, will be removed from the premises without a refund and may face legal charges 

Parents are responsible for the actions of their children

​No large coolers on the weekends

​Wagon Ride Rules

​Must remain seated at all times, no standing while wagon is moving

​No throwing hay or other objects on or off the wagon

​​No smoking on the wagon ride

Keep hands and feet in wagon at all times

​Small children must be seated with an adult at all times

​Group/Party Rules

Must have a group of 20 people or more to get the group rate

​Must book or reserve a party in advance to get the group rate

​All group members, parents, guardians, chaperones, and guest are required to purchase admission

This admission price is at the group rate and is mandatory regardless of age or involvement. 

All group members must be on-time for a scheduled reservation (If your group is late, we reserves the right to adjust your event time accordingly, we schedule employees around your event)

Booking a party does not give your group exclusive rights and sole access to farm, other parties and the general public may be on the premises

​​Our staff will seat your group where we see fit based on group size, event timing, and the order in which you book

​Your group must have a designated individual in charge of organizing and monitoring group members

​Decorations are acceptable with prior approval by the our staff, cleaning up these decorations is responsibility of the group

​​We reserve the right to eject any group members from the farm if rules are severely disobeyed and/or severe misconduct is observed

When booking an event we ask that you provide a final count, three days before event

That final count will be the minimum number of guests you will be responsible for paying in your final payment

Extra guests up to five are welcome, if there will be more than that you must call ahead to advise us

Wear closed-toed shoes, we are a farm and the ground is uneven and you are walking in sandy dirt

​Bring water bottles, we do not have water fountains but we do sell bottled water and drinks

It does get hot so be prepared, wear a hat and sunscreen

Please Note: Our attractions are not handicap accessible due to to the natural rugged terrain. There are bridges inside the maze with stairs, we try to have special paths for wheelchairs and strollers. Strollers are permitted but are extremely difficult to push in the sand, carriers are recommended or strollers/wagons with big wheels.

Here are some important TIPS and RULES for your safety while at the maze and farm:

Many hours were worked creating the maze. Please help us TAKE CARE of our corn maze for future visitors. It is a "living" puzzle with live corn stalks that cannot be repaired if damaged. Anyone not following the rules will be asked to leave the property without a refund. Remember this is a working farm and these rules are important to keeping us in business and everyone safe. Go over these rules with your group as they are strictly enforced! Thank You!

​Rules & Tips