All of our school field trips are focused on education in a fun outdoor environment. Exploring our corn maze, and finding answers to the educational game sheet will provide a hands-on lesson in reasoning, logic, agriculture, map reading and team work skills. Plus this is a fun way for students to learn! 

We welcome groups of 20 or more Tuesdays through Fridays during our Fall maze schedule. We will do school field trips anytime from September through May, but the corn maze is only available in the fall. If you have less than 20 paying participants, we hope you will come on a General Public Day OR you are welcome to pay the weekday group minimum of $200.00.

All groups must complete the on-line reservation form, so we can make sure there is space and staff available. Reservations are first come, first serve. Reservations are not confirmed until our office has received your non-refundable deposit of $150. Your deposit secures your date/time and makes you eligible for the group discount. This deposit will be applied to your total invoice.  


NO DEPOSIT, NO DISCOUNT! Sorry we have to resort to this, but too many times, we have saved spots without deposits and lost business and brought in staff, only to have group leaders cancel at the last minute or just not show. I am so sorry a few ruin it for others.
​All weekday events are for 4 hours, extra time will be an additional cost, $50 per half hour.

The "Maze Adventure Park" group discount** consists of:
$1 off regular admission price when there are 20 - 49 paying adult or youth guests in your group ($11/Youth, $11/Adults)

$2 off regular admission price when there are 50 or more paying adult or youth guests in your group ($10/Youth, $10/Adults)
   In order for your group to qualify for this discount

  • you must have 20 or more paying Guests,
  • you must have Pre-Reserved & paid the $150.00 upon receipt of our confirmation to hold your date and time

  • you must make a group payment (one transaction) for everyone in your group

    **Discount coupons cannot be used in conjunction with group rates

                 2 free teachers per 25 kids 

                 There must be 1 chaperon per 6 children if ages 8 and younger & 1 chaperon per 10 if 9 and older
                 (Parents that show up on their own $12, any siblings $12)  

    This Admission includes: Large or small Corn Maze, Tree Maze, Rock Maze, Mist Maze, Super Slide, Jumping Pillow, Zip Line for Kids, Playground and Picnic Area.


Additional Activities/Charges:

Farm Tours on Hay wagon - $5.00 per person
​Maze-O-Vision Glasses - $1

Trip Procedures before arriving at Farm:

  • Make sure you have a list of everyone coming
  • Please encourage everyone to arrive on time, this is a group event
  • Direct all single vehicles to come in yellow gate and park in grass lot to the left of market
  • Please separate students into groups of 4 to 6 per group for navigating the maze, this insures that each student will have a better opportunity to be a valuable contributing group member 
  • Talk to your students in advance about sharing the decision making and switching the leadership in the maze
  • Every group going into the corn mazes will need at least one adult

Trip Procedures upon arriving at Farm:

  • Buses wait to left side of driveway, till we can direct driver to unload near front of market
  • All single vehicles come in yellow gate and park in grass lot to the left of market
  • Those arriving early can wait in the meet up area to left of market, or check out market and cafe  
  • Make sure your chaperons know this is a group event, group payment, and we only work with the School contact
  • All groups must provide supervision for all students in the mazes and play area
  • We suggest a teacher or parent with each group of 4 to 6 students​
  • Remind everyone that this is a four hour event, extra time will be an additional cost

Please provide your group or party with drinking water as we do not have water fountains available at the farm.  We will have bottled water available for sale in our market. 

Click HERE to complete and send your on-line reservations.

Email rebecca@longandscottfarms.com if you have additional questions.

School Field Trips

For groups of 20 or more, Tuesdays-Fridays