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Farm Tour: ($5.00 per person 3 and older) Yes
Maze-O-Vision Glasses @ $1.00 each are for use in the BIG corn maze and are optional. They let you see the encoded map on the back of the Maze Game Sheet. How many would you like to purchase?
Are you interested in Maze Patches @ $2.00 each plus tax? How many would you like?
Use of picnic area: Yes
I understand this is a WEEKDAY GROUP Reservation, for a four hour event and we all arrive at selected reservation time. Yes
I understand I will need to send in an $150 non-refundable deposit to confirm my reservation. This deposit will be applied to my total invoice. Yes

All events are considered tentative until your $150.00 non-refundable deposit is received in our office. That $150.00 deposit will apply to the total amount. This deposit covers the minimum amount required for weekday groups. Note: If we have not received the deposit, your date & time could be given to another group.

If you have not gotten a reply to your reservation in 36 hours please contact us at Thanks you for planning your event with us.

Farm available Tuesdays through Fridays, closed Mondays

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