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Great Scott's Kirby Cucumbers

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We also grow a variety of crops in smaller quantities including kale, collard greens, mustard greens, onions, strawberries, and more.

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Kirby cucumbers, often referred to as pickling cucumbers, are known for their thin skin and smaller sizes - anywhere from 3 - 6 inches. Kirby's are milder than regular cucumbers and people often find them easier to digest. Their thin skins make them the ideal cucumber to use for pickling so that the brine is more easily absorbed and that is the reason you will find them unwaxed. Also a great tasting cucumber, Kirbys have become a popular choice for use in salads and other recipes that call for fresh cucumbers.

There are two seasons for Kirby cucumbers at Long & Scott Farms - April & May in the Spring and
September through November in the Fall.

At Long & Scott Farms, we've been growing Kirbys for over 40 years and our "pickles" can be found in major terminal markets throughout the country. But that's not all! They are also processed and bottled by Claussen Pickle Co., United Pickle Products, Mt. Olive Pickles, Puckered Pickle, Chipico/Vienna Beef, Strub Brothers, and many mom-and-pop companies in the Northeast and Chicago.

Long & Scott Farms grows 450+ acres of green, red and savoy cabbage through the winter, for fresh market sales. All cabbage is hand harvested with the help of harvest aids, and packaged in the fields in 50 lb. cartons.
Fresh cabbage is carefully packed with each head having 3 to 4 wrapper leaves, and packed with the top of the heads facing each other for maximum protection and quality through packing, shipping, and handling. Orders are cut according to the count and size that is ordered, 16-18 heads per carton is the most popular size.
How good is fresh cabbage, right out of the fields? Even if you didn't like cabbage before, you will be 'amazed' at the taste of fresh from the field cabbage. We sell it at our market and to restaurants in the area. We use it in our cafe dishes as well. Not to mention it is good for you!

Sod Sales:

Zoysia           St. Augustine          Bahia 

By the full pallet only. Do not do partial pallets.
Must order 24 hours minimum before pick up
Pick up only, no delivery
Pick up Mon-Fri 8am-3:30pm; Sat 8am-12pm

Each pallet:
- weighs approximately 2000 lbs
- covers 400 sq. ft.

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Great Scott Cabbage

Scott's Zellwood Sweet Corn

Grown on the farm since 1963, Scott's Zellwood Sweet Gourmet Corn is the ultimate in gourmet flavor. Our triple-sweet, extra-tender, bicolor corn is hand-picked daily for maximum freshness. Once you try it, we think you'll agree that it is the best corn you've ever tasted. Unlike the big commercial corn producers, we grow the corn that tastes the very best - not the corn that yields the very best!

Where can I buy your famous corn? 

During our growing seasons (it grows in the spring, from the end of April through mid-June and in the fall from mid-September through November) you can purchase Scott's Zellwood Sweet Corn:

Scott's Country Market
At Scott's roadside stand located on Highway 441, south of Zellwood, across from the airport